...if thou be among those that scorned and despised the prophet, no doubt thy company is a throng.

the clear water meant to quench and revive is after many gentle approaches now withdrawn.

the forgotten shadow consigned to labor in the dessert, waters bramble, and befriends the mourning wind.

great sermons of power and profound wisdom are carried on the wind to the ends of the earth and are heard in heaven as lamentations only.

ah the caress of lonely breeze that consoles those would-be servants; diminish sorrow in nowise but be thou some semblance of fellowship.

Truth is thrown down; yet the living God is ever glorious above the heavens.

great monuments to ignorance are glorified below as the darkness lords it over all the world.

to the chiefest of fools and their folly is attributed greatness and pomp, and to its unquestioned master – dominion.

the lie has prevailed against the saints, and overthrown all that is good – the heart of peace is crushed.

when the imminent end of folly materializes on every blackened face, look not to those shadows now fallen across dry sands or call for words so long ago cast aside.

flee ye to the caves and rocks; beg they crush you and your works.

hell shall cough you out onto your defiled ground to be judged with equity before the righteous.

as silver is purged of dross so earth shall be purged of all that defile.

the works of darkness and all their lovers shall be burned with fervent fire before the eyes of Truth.

every creature once confined to chains – now free and whole, resound with joy "all glory to God on high".

to Jesus our saviour be all praise and thanks for ever more.